-cm Capricornia in abruptionis mo


-cm Capricornia in abruptionis mo


Melbourne, Mon. Uni. Ms. Bischoff frag. 003
MS 1832/5

Date Created


2 columns. Number of Lines: 37. Written Area: 205 x 152mm. Width of Columns: 75mm. Line Height: 5mm. Ruled Column Lines. Pages numbered in Arabic numerals, in pencil, on every verso at bottom right. Rubricated initials, chapter titles and paragraph strokes.

Content: Miscellaneous texts dealing with liturgical matters, the calendar (5v, 10r), and lives of the saints and apostles (most of the pages): 8 Holy Innocents & Epiphany; 9r Maurice & companions, Luke; 9rv Simon & Jude; 9v All Saints; 11r Thomas; 11v Stephen; 12 Matthew; 12v Exaltation of the Cross; 13 Lawrence; 14v Bartholomew.

First line recto page 1: -cm (abbrev.) Capricornia in abruptionis mon. Last line recto page 1: martij usque in indic' ... ianuarij. Have notes from Marvin Colker & Rosenthal Booksellers.
Place of Origin: Germany
From the Monash Rare Books collection of over one hundred fragments of medieval manuscripts and early printed books from the twelfth to sixteenth centuries that had belonged to the world-renowned authority on medieval palaeography (the study of handwriting), Professor Bernhard Bischoff (1906-1991).






Physical Size: 14 double sided paper pages (approx 255 x 191mm, varying in size)


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“-cm Capricornia in abruptionis mo,” Monash Collections Online, accessed June 19, 2024, https://repository.monash.edu/items/show/69633.

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