meo per iesum christum / bona a deo data esse et


meo per iesum christum / bona a deo data esse et


Melbourne, Mon Uni. Ms. Bischoff Frag. 002
MS 1821

Date Created


2 columns, each split in two at various points to include the letter text and commentary side by side, plus space for commentary (at the right on the recto and the left on the verso). Rubricated. Text area (recto): 225mm x 210mm (verso): 235mm x 210mm. Number of lines (recto): 53 (verso): 52. Line height: 50mm. Width of columns: recto 82mm verso, left 75mm right 85mm. Ruled in lead. No page numbering.

First line recto: (letter) meo per iesum christum (commentary) bona a deo data esse et. Last line recto: (commentary only) intermissione vel facio memoriam uestri sine intermissione hoc ideo dicit apostolus scilicet se esse. First Line verso: (commentary only) memorem illorum orationibus ut seminet in illis cari-. Last Line Recto: (commentary only) retis. Non ergo ociose se prohibitum dicit sed et causas morarum discernuit.

Publications: Petri Longobardi, Magistri Sententiarum, Parisiens. Quondam Episcopi, in omnes D. Pauli Apost, Epistolas Collectanea. Paris: Jehan Petit, 1538,; Patrologia Latina, vol. 191, 1880, cols. 1317-1321. Have Rosenthal's notes ('Manuscripts from the Collection of Professor Bernhard Bischoff', p. 2 no. 6).
Place of Origin: Germany
From the Monash Rare Books collection of over one hundred fragments of medieval manuscripts and early printed books from the twelfth to sixteenth centuries that had belonged to the world-renowned authority on medieval palaeography (the study of handwriting), Professor Bernhard Bischoff (1906-1991).






Physical Size: 1 page double sided vellum (280mm x 210mm) with a thin strip of paper (281mm x 16mm) glued to the right hand side of the recto containing a handwritten note in ink "XII ex Frûhgot. Epistolae Pauli c. glossa." A glue stain at the top of the recto suggested that another piece of paper was glued to it at some point.


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