The Old Man & the Devils - T. Hasegawa version

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The Old Man & the Devils - T. Hasegawa version

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Japanese fairy tale series, no. 7


Date Copyrighted

1886 - 04 - 27

Date Available

1886 - 06 - 01


"An old man with a big lump on his right cheek was caught in a rainstorm in the mountain and took refuge in the hollow of an old tree. Before long, a great crowd of devils came along and began to enjoy a feast accompanied by a lot of songs and dances. In all the merriment, the old man could not bear to continue merely looking on, and started to dance himself. The devils admired his steps, and took the lump from his cheek as a pledge that he would come back again. Hearing this, another old man who lived next door and had a lump on his left cheek also went into the mountain to dance before the devils to have them get rid of his lump. But he was a clumsy dancer, and the disgruntled devils stuck the lump they had taken from the first old man on his right cheek." (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies,




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22 pages, colour illustrations. 15 cm.


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Hepburn, J. C. (James Curtis), 1815 - 1911, “The Old Man & the Devils - T. Hasegawa version,” Monash Collections Online, accessed October 30, 2020,