The Mouse's Wedding


The Mouse's Wedding

Alternative Title

Nezumi no Yomeiri


Japanese fairy tale series, no. 6


Date Copyrighted

1885 - 09 - 18

Date Available

1888 - 08 - 01


"A wealthy mouse named Kanemochi picked Hatsuka, daughter of a relative, to be the bride of Fukutaro, his only son. He had a go - between arrange a formal meeting between the two with a view to marriage. The meeting went well, and the two then confirmed their marriage promise by sending each other gifts. The bridegroom - to - be sent the bride - to - be a belt, silk cotton, and dried bonito, etc., and she in turn sent him a linen kami - shimo, dried bonito, dried cuttle - fish, and others. Once the bride's dress had been sewn and the necessary items had been procured, Hatsuka's parents instructed their daughter in what a wife must know, and Kanemochi made arrangements to welcome her into their home. An entourage from the groom's family came to get the bride, who was then carried on a palanquin with a long train of her own people to her new home. The two exchanged nuptial cups in the "three times three", and the wedding ceremony ended with a visit by the newlyweds and the parents of the groom to the home of the bride. And they all lived happily ever after." (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies,
1888 reprint




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21 pages, colour illustrations.


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Thompson, David, 1835 - 1915, “The Mouse's Wedding,” Monash Collections Online, accessed May 24, 2024,

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