Khodar Beta


Khodar Beta

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The Son of God



Sanskritized "classical" print-Bengali of caste-Hindus, but with a sprinkling of Urdu, Persian and Arabic words. Some foolish people slipped into a river and were drowning. A man came and extended his hand to pluck them out. But instead of seizing it they only asked their Deliverer who he is and who was his father until they went under. The figure who draws stumbling people back from the brink of the river of sin is Jesus the son of god. The gospels are the word of god. The pamphlet asks the Bengali Muslims: "are you not mad like them?" You have little time left now to question the missionaries' truth that "Jesus is the Son of God". The tone of the pamphlet at the inattention of Bengali Muslims is desperate and at points unhinged. Jesus is not the Son of God in a coarse physical way. Jesus called some Jewish scholars "children of Satan" only in the sense of having corrupted their ethics. "God's Judgement Day is Coming!"
Title translation and description by Dr. Dennis Walker, Monash Asia Institute, Faculty of Arts, Monash University.
2nd Edition, 10,000. Total 20,000




Rouse, G. H., Tracts on Islam. pages 967-970. Original item held by Global Interaction




pages 967-970 (4 pages)


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“Khodar Beta,” Monash Collections Online, accessed May 31, 2024,

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