Guards at American bridgehead boundary, "Montabaur" on the Rhine


Guards at American bridgehead boundary, "Montabaur" on the Rhine

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Guarding American bridgehead boundary at Montabaur


These men are symbols of the power of the United States and its Allies. When, by the terms of the armistice, bridgeheads at Mainz, (mi'nts) Koblenz and Cologne fell into our hands and those of our allies, troops were sent to occupy them, the French going to Mainz, Americans to Koblenz, and British to Cologne. At each of these cities great bridges Cross the Rhine. At the beginning of the war German armies streamed across these bridges for the invasion of France and Belgium. The bridgeheads were established to prevent a repetition of this and to give our forces entrance to Germany if it became necessary to continue the war. By the terms of the armistice these bridgeheads were defined as all the territory enclosed within a radius of thirty kilometers of each of the above mentioned cities. A kilometer is five-eighths of a mile. No armed German was permitted within this territory, and guards were placed on all roads leading into it. Two of these guards are before us. It is their duty to prevent anyone from passing this point unless granted written permission by our military authorities. The signboard under the trees states this clearly, in both English and German. These men are sturdy American soldiers who will perform their duty. The precaution is taken to keep out spies and undesirable characters. The guard is maintained day and night. Anyone attempting to pass without permission will be arrested, or if they resist, summarily shot.

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