Burial ground in Belleau for American men who made the supremem sacrifice "over there"


Burial ground in Belleau for American men who made the supremem sacrifice "over there"

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Burial ground in Belleau of American men who made the supremem sacrifice "over there"


To win victories by fighting such as that which cleared Belleau Wood of the Germans, and which held this section against all efforts of the enemy's best troops, costs men. Our view shows clearly what it cost to defeat the Germans in Belleau and vicinity. Here are the graves of some of our boys who met the foe and in defeating him gave their lives. These men do not sleep in unmarked graves. Their bodies have been buried near the scene of their brave fighting and each grave is marked so that the world may know whose lives were paid as the price of victory. At the head of each of the graves is a wooden cross, marked with the Stars and Stripes and bearing the name of the soldier whose resting place it marks. In the background battered down walls and mere shells of houses that once were happy and prosperous homes tell of the wastage of property by the havoc of war, just as this little "God's Acre" in which our heroic soldiers rest tells of the toll it levies in human life. Yet the sacrifice made by these men at Belleau was not in vain. Out of their victory, which cost them life itself, there will rise from the havoc and confusion and sufferings of the war a better world in which men and women and little children can live. Such a price as these heroic dead have paid for victory should mean a peace that will guarantee the things for which they fought so bravely and died so gloriously.

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