An interesting scene in the social room of a Y.M.C.A. Army camp hut


An interesting scene in the social room of a Y.M.C.A. Army camp hut

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Social room of a Y.M.C.A. Army camp hut


Many of our boys who crossed the sea during the World War will recall hours spent in a hut like the one before us. Hundreds of them were scattered over France, in the back areas, where men were being trained for the front. As a rule these huts were open at all hours of the day and until taps at night. The "Y" furnished writing paper and envelopes Frenche of charge, writing shelves were affixed to the walls and at all hours of the day men could be seen writing letters home. There was usually to be found an abundant stock of magazines, somewhat out of date it is true, but none the less interesting to men who had not read them before. Ordinarily there was so little of interest for the boys to do in their leisure hours that even old magazines were a boon. On certain nights of every week concerts and entertainments of various kinds were given by traveling "Y" troupes, and before very long our boys developed a keen perception of what was good and what poor "stuff". After the armistice the men were encouraged to give their own shows and some of the performances they staged were as good as those given by professionals. The canteen was usually in one corner of the room, and there the "Y" secretary sold tobacco, cigarettes, candy, (whenever it could be had), chewing gum and other articles. The men were always eager for candy. Although their "mess" was excellent, better than that of any of the armies, it seemed to lack something in sweets and the men craved them. The scene before us is thoroughly characteristic, even to the man sitting near the stove, a half-smoked cigar between his fingers, his thoughts 3000 miles away, across the sea, with the old folks at home.



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