Red Cross "Dog encampment" behind the lines in the French sector


Red Cross "Dog encampment" behind the lines in the French sector


Seeing such an encampment as this helps us to realize the extensive service rendered by dogs in the World War. Their aid was invaluable in numerous capacities. Being both intelligent and courageous they could be trained and depended upon to act as sentries, messengers, scouts and ambulance workers. After a battle the dogs would assist in locating the dead, wounded and missing. They were speedy and thorough and at night had the great advantage over their human brother workers in being able to work without light, being guided merely by scent. By following the tinkle of the bells on the dogs' necks, stretcher bearers knew where to go and a low whine from the dog announced that a man had been found. By the same faculty which enabled them to discover the wounded they were able to safely guide the stretcher Behind the Lines in the French Sector. bearers back to the first aid station when darkness and unfamiliar surroundings would otherwise have made this extremely difficult or impossible. These dogs also carried flasks of brandy or soup and a roll of bandages about their necks for the relief of wounded men and often assisted in dispensing food in the front line trenches. See the dog-drawn cart in the foreground I This is a familiar sight in many parts of Continental Europe, especially Belgium, even in peace time. These dog barracks received no less care than those for the soldiers. Cleanliness and Frenchedom from draughts are as necessary to the dog as to man ; these guard against the disease known as distemper, to which the animals are otherwise easily liable.



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