Lieut. Gen. Oshima, Japan's fighting general


Lieut. Gen. Oshima, Japan's fighting general



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This picture of Japan's "fighting general," Oshima, was taken at the entrance to the hut which he used for headquarters and from where he commanded the Central Division of the Third Corps of the Japanese Army in front of Port Arthur. In this little hut General Oshima lived for three months during the bombardment of Port Arthur, with the Russian shells constantly passing overhead or striking within a few yards. The hut was dug out of the soil, just large enough for a table on which to spread the war maps of Port Arthur, and a chair. The general slept on a blanket under the table. In this hut General Oshima sat one whole evening weeping. It was the night after the 203 Meter Hill had been taken, and the Japanese soldiers had been obliged to use their dead and wounded comrades as material for a wall to protect themselves from the fire of the Russians on the neighboring hills.


1 stereograph. 2 photomechanical prints on stereo card : halftone, stereograph, color ; 9 x 18 cm


1905 Ingersoll, T.W.
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Barry, Richard and Barry, Richard (photographer), “Lieut. Gen. Oshima, Japan's fighting general,” Monash Collections Online, accessed May 29, 2024,

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