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Model Engineer's Handbook and Catalogue.pdf
"Model engineer" series. 2nd Edition. Contains a signature: Victor Gale

"To-day, with the tremendous advances made in science, we know a great deal more about how to keep well and, in consequence, we lead longer, more useful, happier lives. But there is a good deal of information that women could and should have. Too…
Based on the epic medieval poem Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach. ; Publisher's no. : 46815
Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave. ; Based on the play La dame aux cam?lias by Alexandre Dumas
"The stage directions and Metronome marks in this edition of Tannhäuser are taken from the published Full Score of the opera (which appeared after the pianoforte score); and an important cut in the second Finale, as well as a shorter one in the…
Accompaniment arrangement for piano. ; Caption title. ; Italian words
Arrangement for orchestra. ; Caption title. ; Pl. no. : 115968
German words. Notes in English and German
Opera in 3 acts. ; "... an unabridged and unaltered republication of an edition originally published by C.F. Peters, n.d. [ca. 1910]. In the present edition the introductory matter also appears in a specially new English translation" -- Verso t.p
Piano vocal score. ; Cover title: Pagliacci (Punchinello) : a drama in two acts. ; One copy has last pages missing. ; E. A & Co. 741
Selection from the comic operetta. ; Includes piano score, arranged by Charles Godfrey, Publisher's no. : 21,505. ; Publisher's no. : 21,541
For solo voices, chorus and piano. ; Libretto by Eugéne Scribe.
Extracts from the operetta. ; For orchestra. ; Pl. no. : H. & S. 2572
For orchestra. ; Arrangement of the music of Arthur Sullivan from the operetta The gondoliers. ; Publisher's no.: 18886
Piano transcription by G. H. Clutsam. ; Publisher's no. : [score] 38205 -- [parts] 35300
1st. & 2nd. violins carry pl. no. : H. 14. S. ; Pl. no.: H. & S.1603
Final part of the Nibelung tetralogy. ; Caption title. ; Subtitle : The dusk of the gods. ; Original title: Siegfried's tod. ; Publisher's no.: 14535
Selection of music from the revue. ; For orchestra. ; Pl. no. : K.P.& Co.Ltd. 2153
Selection of music from the musical comedy. ; Publisher's no. : [piano score] 21534 -- [parts] 21550