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Publisher's no.: 26860; Autographed by the composer
Marco Spada was produced at the Opera Comique, Paris, 1852.; Piano solo; Cover title
For soprano in F.; Copyright 1891 by Joseph Williams, registered under the title The kiss; Publisher's no.: N. 9145
Piano vocal score. ; Publisher's no. : ML 260 - 8.
Arias, mainly for soprano or tenor, one aria for basso. ; Publisher's no. : 201.
For piano and two violins. ; Pl. no. : 6042.
Publisher's no. : 4707.

For orchestra and piano. ; Title from piano conductor part.
Piano vocal score in E flat (contralto or bass), with violin obligato. ; Violin obligato arranged by Edward Dean. ; Pl. no. : L.604a.
Song from Sea pictures : a cycle of five songs for contralto, op.37. ; Publisher's no. : H.2670. ; Sung by Miss Clara Butt.
For soprano. ; Publisher's no. : 118145. ; From Stella Power's personal collection.
In D minor. ; Pl. no. : A.H.& C. 4452.
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