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Contains the individual photographs Photograph 15 Panoramam of Palmalmal Plantation; Photograph 16 Young coconut palms: Palmalmal Plantation; Photograph 17 Young coconut palms: Palmalmal Plantation
February 1943. Levers Pacific Plantations Ltd. Plan by registered surveyor A.H. Wilson 1926. Minor amendments by Allied Geographical Section Feb '43
1st October 1943. 273 W Tobera to Rapopo (1- Oct-43-0940K).
3rd January 1944. Based on 1 inch to 1 mile provisional map, base map plant USAFFE - air photographs and local informants.
Contains the individual maps Coastal strip Suain to Esim River; Coastal strip; Esim River to Leitre; Coastal strip Leitre to Dutch border
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