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Contains the individual maps Coastal strip Suain to Esim River; Coastal strip; Esim River to Leitre; Coastal strip Leitre to Dutch border
3rd January 1944. Based on 1 inch to 1 mile provisional map, base map plant USAFFE - air photographs and local informants.
1st October 1943. 273 W Tobera to Rapopo (1- Oct-43-0940K).
February 1943. Levers Pacific Plantations Ltd. Plan by registered surveyor A.H. Wilson 1926. Minor amendments by Allied Geographical Section Feb '43
Contains the individual photographs Photograph 15 Panoramam of Palmalmal Plantation; Photograph 16 Young coconut palms: Palmalmal Plantation; Photograph 17 Young coconut palms: Palmalmal Plantation
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