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12th May 1944. Sketch plan Tahoena (Sangihe Island): Information to 1 April 1944; Not to scale. Sketch map of Mount Awoe, Sangihe Island: As at 1923
From US Strategic Engineering study no. 131. Heights in feet.
5th October 1944. Heights above 3000 feet shown in black . From R.A.A.F. aeronautical map, 1:1,000,000 series sheet no. 4.
From US Army Strategical Engineering study no. 124.
After reaching the Plateau, on the road to which some beautiful views were stereographed, as presented in numbers 8370 to 8376, the track traverses a small plain, crosses the bridge spanning the creek - (Stereograph 8384) - whose waters form the…
From the summits of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman, the two noblest mountains in Australasia, come the mighty avalanches that swell the volume of the wonderful Hochstetter Glacier, making of it one of the most impressive sights in the Southern Alps. The…
Queenstown, the sanatorium of the South, is a beautifully situated town on the eastern shores of Lake Wakatipu, 196 miles north-west of Dunedin. It nestles under the shadow of high hills, and steps down gentle terraces left and right to meet the blue…
Pelerinage aux lieux sacres. Ici: la pagode du Grand Boubbha couche, au Phnom Koulen (region d'Angkor)

Norodom Sihanouk and Princess Monique visiting the Temple of the Grand Buddha in the Phnom Kulen Mountain (Mountain of the Lychees)
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