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15th September 1944. Based on Philippine Islands, Northern Luzon, First edition AMS 1; Contours traced from Aust. Aero. Series
30th August 1944. Based on AMS S401 First edition NC51-3. Additional information by Allied Geographical Section; Boundaries indicate areas dealt with in the text Ref Sec VII
1st June 1944. Map to accompany Sec VII; Showing general pattern of mountain ranges; Prepared by U. S. geological survey for Chief of Engineers, U. S. Army; Terrain diagram drawn on map base, AMS5301, 1:1,000,000, sheets NC51, NC52, NB51, and NB52.…
October 1943. Reproduced by BMP, U.S. Army, GHQ, SWPA. December 1943.
Contains the individual map of Papua New Guinea
Contains the individual map showing Lubang Islands
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