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Marche vers un campentment a lappioche du Cambodge

Norodom Sihanouk and Princess Monique, accompanied by Ieng Sary and Vietnamese officials walking along a river bank
Un evenment historique: Le premier Conseil des Ministres du G.R.U.N.C. en zone liberee sous la presidence du Chef de l'Etat. C'est la foret d'Angkor qui abrite ce Counseil des Ministres

First meeting ever of the Council of Ministers of GRUNC (Royal…
Norodom Sihanouk and Princess Monique photographed with the leaders of the Resistance, including the self-effacing Saloth Sar, later to be known as Pol Pot. Photo taken at Preah Ang Thom temple in Phnom Kulen district
Une photo de la Princesse Sihanouk: A gauche, le Prince Sihanouk, au milieu: Mr. Khieu Samphan, Vice-Premier Ministre du GRUNC et Commandant en Chef des F.A.P.L.N.C.

Photo taken by Princess Monique Sihanouk showing from left to right: Norodom…
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