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arranged for high voice and piano. Originally for voice and orchestra ; English and Italian words; the works in Italian include English translations, usually in the captions ; Pl. no. : 1693, 1695, 1697
Act 2. Tenor. With Orchestra.

Selection of music from the musical comedy. ; Publisher's no. : [piano score] 21534 -- [parts] 21550
Soprano. With the E.I.A.R Symphony Orchestra, Turin. Appears as Lina Pagliugh on the label
Act 1.Tenor. With Orchestra del Teatro alla (Scala). Conductor : Carlo Sabajno
Tenor (Wittrisch), Soprano (Korjus). With the State Opera Orchestra, Berlin. Conductor : Bruno Seidler-winkler
Tenor. With the Orchestra of Staatsoper, Berlin. Conductor : Bruno Seidler-Winkler
Tenor. With Symphony Orchestra
Tenor. With Orchestra.
Act 2. Tenor (Lauri-Volpi), Baritone (Borgonovo). With the Orchestra of the Teatro alla (Scala). Conductor : Franco Ghione. Appears as G Borgonovo on the label
Tenor. With Orchestra
Tenor. With Strings, Harp, Organ and Choir
Soprano. With Orchestra
Duet. Tenor (Nash), Baritone (Noble). With Orchestra
Tenor. With Orchestra
Act 1. Tenor (Pertile), Baritone (Franci). Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala. Conductor : Carlo Sabajno
Act 3. Soprano (Rethberg), Tenor (Lauri-Volpi)
Act 3. Tenor. With the Orchestra of the Teatro alla (Scala). Conductor : Franco Ghione
Arrangement for orchestra. ; Caption title. ; Pl. no. : 115968
Soprano. With Orchestral Accompaniment. Performer's full name is Eugénie "Ninon" Vallin.
New Hall of Fame Collection Series. Act 4, Scene 2. Contralto (Onegin) and Tenor (Chamlee). With Orchestra
From the motet : Exsultate. ; Publisher's no. : B.& B. 17530.
Act 2. Soprano. With the Philharmonia Orchestra. Conductor : Walter Susskind
Tenor. With Tivoli Concert Orchestra. Conductor : Sv. Chr. Felumb (Svend Christian Felumb). Appears as Stephano Islandi on the label
Soprano. With Chorus and Orchestra. Conductor : Eugene Goossens
For voice and piano. "... in J.C. Williamson's Ltd. ... pantomime 'The house that Jack built."-- Cover. Covers vary - Rare copy is a portrait of Constance Cayley in uniform. From the collection of Gwen Wale. "1918 (Lillydale State School Concert)"
Arias, mainly for soprano or tenor, one aria for basso. ; Publisher's no. : 201.
Tenor. With Orchestra
Dungeon scene from "Margarethe" aka Faust. Soprano, Tenor and Bass, with choir and members of the Orchestra of Staatsoper, Berlin. Conductor : Bruno Seidler-Winkler. Appears as 'Helge Roswaenge' 'Margarette Teschemacher' on the label.
Tenor. With orchestra. Label damaged
Tenor. With Orchestra. Composer is attributed as "Perez & Freire" on the label
Piano - Conductor x 3 ; Violin Obligato, 1st Violin x 6 ; 2nd Violin x 5 ; Viola ; Cello Obligato (for use in Trio) ; Violoncello x 2 ; Bass ; Flutes ; Oboe ; Clarinets in B flat ; Bassoon ; Horns in F ; Trumpets (or Cornets) in B flat ; 1st & 2nd…
Act 1. Baritone (Inghilleri), Tenor (Dua), Tenor (Cilla). With Chorus and Orchestra. Conductor : John Barbirolli
Soprano. Milan Symphony Orchestra. Conductor : Ugo Tansini. Appears as 'Lina Pagliugh' on the label.
Soprano. With Orchestra
Soprano. With the Members of La Scala Orchestra, Milan. Conductor : Franco Ghione
Baritone. Of the Berlin State Opera, with Orchestral Accompaniment
Love Duet- 1st record. Tenor (Pertile), Soprano (Fanelli).With member of the La scala Orchestra, Milan. Conductor : Carlo Sabajno
Act 3. Mezzo-Soprano. With Orchestra Sinfonica Dell'eiar. Conductor : A. La Rosa Parodi. The Cetra Series.
Tenor (Di Stefano), Baritone (Warren). With RCA Victor Orchestra. Conductor : Renato Cellini
Selection of music from the revue. ; For orchestra. ; Pl. no. : K.P.& Co.Ltd. 2153
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