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  • Publisher is exactly "The Admiralty ; London, England"
Contains the individual maps of New Britain : Pondon Harbour ; New Britain : Tavanatangir Harbour (Powell Haven) ; New Britain : Henry Reid Bay ; New Britain Talili Bay ; New Britain : Watassellibuka Bay to Wunatalisse Bay ; New Britain : Adler…
Contains the individual map Blanche Bay and approaches to Rabaul ; Blanche Bay Greet Harbour ; New Britain : Kokopo ; New Britain : Massava Bay ; New Britain Ataliklikun Bay : Unter Kambeira
Contains the individual map Duke of York Island ; Small map of New Britain : Rugen Harbour (Put Put) ; Small map of New Britain : Jammer Bay ; Small map of Mioko Harbour.
26th November 1943. From German government charts to 1912. New edition 24th December 1914, 2nd July 1923.. Reproduced by the Hydrographic Branch, Sydney.
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