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14th April 1944. Wewak township compiled from air photos.
6th April 1944. Length of arrows shows comparative duration, thickness of arrow shows comparative strength, adopted from EIS, RAAF no. 14/65.
Contains the individual map of Tarawai & Walis Islands, based on German chart no. 479
Contains the inset map Helen Channel
22nd March 1944. Based on 1:250.000 NNGPM, Geol Afd, Dec 1937 with additional information from informants.
12th November 1944. Based on Strategic Survey 23 OCE
5th October 1944. Information from US Geological Survey Strategic Engineering study no. 124. Based on USC & GS Manila 1941 sheet 100. Additional information by Allied Geographical Section, 5 Oct. 44.
5th May 1944. From Air Photos dated 18 April 1944.
26th February 1944. Based on 1 inch to 1 mile prov map - base map plant USAFFE, Anglo-Persian Oil Company survey and local informants.
1st October 1944
20 April 1944. Taken from plan 35 C.B. 1901 July 1938.
2 March 1944. Surveyed by Commander B.O.M. Davy, R.N. assisted by Lieutenants J.H. Nankivell, L.P. Freyberg, F.E.B. Haselfoot & H.T. Bennett and sub-lieutenant H.V. Silk R.N. H.M. surveying ship "Merlin" 1911. Additional topography by Capt. F.C.C.…
5th October 1944. Based mainly on forest map Jan 1939 census atlas of the Philippines.
24th May 1944. Reproduced by 1 Aust. Mob. Litho. Sec. (AIF) Aust. Svy. Corps.
1944 April. Reproduced by 2/1 Australian Army Topographical Survey Company.
This map may be considered to be an indication only, due to lack of air photography
From Bureau of Forestry map 1934
15th September 1944. Based on Philippine Islands, Northern Luzon, First edition AMS 1
30th August 1944. Based on AMS S401 First edition NC51-3. Additional information by Allied Geographical Section; Ref. Sec. VIII
Contains the individual map showing Lubang Islands
7th November 1944. (Ref sec VIII) this note relates to section VIII of the handbook.
24th August 1944. Map showing rain forest, pine forest, savannah and grass land, cultivation, swampy areas and fish ponds and mangrove swamp.
10th December 1944. Based mainly on Forest Map of the Philippines Is 1934 as amended in Vegetation Map of the Philippines Is. A.G.S. 1944
12th November 1944. Based on Strategic Survey 23 OCE; From Philippine Is AMS S401
3rd January 1944. Vegetation width as shown is not necessarily as it is on the ground.
Contains the map Westkust Jamdena: Straat Jamdena and the inset maps Zuidkust Jamdena: Baai Van Saumlaki (1:75.000); Noordkust Selaroe: Vaarwater be Z. Noejanat en Reede Adaoet (1:75.000); Westkust Larat: Vaarwater naar Ritabel (1:25.000)
Uncontrolled mosaic with annotations from local informants
Each track line represents the average of twenty five storms.
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