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5th October 1944. San Fernando (Pampanga).
24th August 1944. Based on AMS S901. First edition detail from air photographs and informants.
Based on Manila Fire Insurance Company's map dated 1926.
5th October 1944. From Manila fire insurance map dated 1936.
30th August 1944. Compiled from aerial photographs dated 1937; The information shown in red was compiled as of 15 June 1944 G.2.G.H.Q. S.W.F.A. This area has been heavily reinforced. In addition to the enemy defences indicated…. There are, in…
Traced from aerial photographs of 12 Oct 44. Annotations from informants
21st September 1944. From aerial photographs dated 1938 with additional information from informants; Centre of town approx. 11°46'N. - 124°54'E.
24th April 1944. From Air Photos dated September 1943.
. Reproduced by 6 Aust Army Topo Svy Coy (AIF), Aust Svy Corps, July '44. Based on USC & GS chart no. 1429. 1939 - and Manila fire insurance map. 1926
From US Army Strategical Engineering study no. 124.
21st September 1944. Close aerial photograph of the district.
10th April 1944. Based on Admiralty chart no 977 (Jap survey)
Contains the individual photographs Panorama Anggi Lakes, looking south; Anggi Gita. Small swampy and turfy plaing covered with weeds in SE part of lake; Anggi Gita. Southern shore. Looking west
Contains the individual photographs Fatoedjoering and beach south westward of the cape; Babi Is.; Babi Is. looking SE
Contains the individual photographs Fatoeral village, looking east; Naigoeli village, looking east; Naigoeli village and coast northwards, looking east
October 1944. Drawn and reproduced from printed copy of North Borneo G.S.G.S. no. 4311 (dated 1941) by L.H.Q. Cartographic Coy., Aust. Survey Corps, Oct 44.
Contains the inset sketch Panorama from the Djawaplolo on the Fanfanlolo
Donated to Monash University Library in 2010 by the Victorian Flute Guild. This score belongs to the Leslie Barklamb Collection.
Contains inset map Reede Manokwari 1:50.000
17 October 1944. Terrain study, copy no. 1747.
31 July 1944. Details from informants as at 1941 and from map 3(b) S.R.D. static report.
3rd July, 1944. Reproduced by Hydrographic Branch, Dept. of the Navy, Sydney, 23rd October, 1942. Gouv. Opnemingsvaartuig, "Eridanus", 1923-25; Kr. Koraal, M. Modder, St. Steenen, Z. Zand; Lichten: O. Onderbroken, S. Schitter, V. Vast, G O.…
Reproduced by 2/1 Aust Army Topo Svy Coy, May 44. Netherlands East Indies grid Southern zone; No. 0437 Selaroe Island East 1 inch series; Prepared by Australian Survey Corps. Topography compiled by 2/1 Aust Army Topo Svy Coy from Trimetrogon…
30th June 1944. Coastline figures (in red) B1, B2 etc refer to sub section numbers in sections IV-VI Part B.
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