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Selection of music from the musical comedy. ; Publisher's no. : [piano score] 21534 -- [parts] 21550
Pl. no. : 22527. ; Dedication to Stella Power.

This is a yellow-back issue of the third edition of J. G. Wood'sCommon Objects of the Microscope, which was first published in 1861.The third edition ofCommon Objects of the Microscopeincluded significant revisions, and additional illustrations, by…
Donated to Monash University Library in 2010 by the Victorian Flute Guild. This score belongs to the Leslie Barklamb Collection.
A funny old woman, while she is preparing some dumplings, drops one of them down a hole. Trying to reach it, she falls down through it and finds herself in a strange new country.
Written in clear Sanskritised literary Bengali interspersed with a few pro-forma Arabic words. Render sMu'minin (Believers) with word debpujokera. No verse in the Qur'an and hadith mentions that Muhammad could intercede with God to forgive sins. Only…
Miss Heerey, Miss Manion, Miss Garrett, Miss Willey, Miss Johnston, Miss Hollow, Master Johnston, Master Dando, Miss Zanker (Performers)