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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Talaud Islands, Indonesia"
17th June 1944. Based on strategic no. 1 map prepared by C.I.U.D. of I. AAF. SWPA.
Contains the inset maps Miangas (Palmas); Westkust Karakelong Bi v. Essang; Nanoesa Eilanden Reede Kakaroetan; Westkust Karakelong Bi v. Batoembaranggo; Westkust Karakelong Reede Beo; Oostkust Karakelong; Reede Rainis; Oostkust Salebaboe Reede…
15th June 1944. Army Map Service, U.S. Army, Washington, D.C., 111745 1942. Prepared under the direction of the Chief of Engineers, U.S. Army, 1942. Copied from a Dutch map compiled in 1939, by the Army Map Service
Contains the inset map P. Miangas (Palmas)
30th June 1944. Terrain study, copy no. 631
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