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5th October 1944. Information from US Geological Survey Strategic Engineering study no. 124. Based on USC & GS Manila 1941 sheet 100. Additional information by Allied Geographical Section, 5 Oct. 44.
1st October 1944
20 April 1944. Taken from plan 35 C.B. 1901 July 1938.
2 March 1944. Surveyed by Commander B.O.M. Davy, R.N. assisted by Lieutenants J.H. Nankivell, L.P. Freyberg, F.E.B. Haselfoot & H.T. Bennett and sub-lieutenant H.V. Silk R.N. H.M. surveying ship "Merlin" 1911. Additional topography by Capt. F.C.C.…
5th October 1944. Based mainly on forest map Jan 1939 census atlas of the Philippines.
Contains the individual map showing Lubang Islands
7th November 1944. (Ref sec VIII) this note relates to section VIII of the handbook.
24th August 1944. Map showing rain forest, pine forest, savannah and grass land, cultivation, swampy areas and fish ponds and mangrove swamp.
Each track line represents the average of twenty five storms.
5th October 1944. San Fernando (Pampanga).
24th August 1944. Based on AMS S901. First edition detail from air photographs and informants.
Based on Manila Fire Insurance Company's map dated 1926.
5th October 1944. From Manila fire insurance map dated 1936.
From US Army Strategical Engineering study no. 124.
21st September 1944. Close aerial photograph of the district.
October 1944. Drawn and reproduced from printed copy of North Borneo G.S.G.S. no. 4311 (dated 1941) by L.H.Q. Cartographic Coy., Aust. Survey Corps, Oct 44.
17 October 1944. Terrain study, copy no. 1747.
31 July 1944. Details from informants as at 1941 and from map 3(b) S.R.D. static report.
Inset map 5A, showing a close up of the coastal strip
Table showing town (poblacion) population (1939) and highway mileages for cities and stations in Luzon, P.I. (These distances are by shortest and most practicable routes generally and are subject to some variation along alternate routes.) ;…
Based on strategic no. 1 map prepared by C.I.U.D of I. AAF. SWPA.
3rd January 1944. Study 74 based on strategic no. 1 map prepared by C.I.U.D of I. AAF. SWPA . Reproduced by 2/1 Australian Army Topographical Survey Company.
9th March 1944. Based on strategic no. 1 map prepared by C.I.U.D of I. AAF. SWPA.
Containes the individual map; locality studies Apitape - Lae
1941 altered 7th November 1944. Coast and Geodetic Survey Manila, P.I. 1941 ; Sources of information US Coast and Geodetic Survey, U.S Army Engineers, Bureau of Public Works ; Bureau of Lands, Bureau of Forestry and other, Philippine Government…
20th November 1943. From the German Government chart 407. All bearings are true (thus 126") and are given from Seaward. For abbreviations see Admiralty chart 5011. Sounding in fathoms (under eleven in fathoms and feet) reduced approximately to the…
21st September 1944. Close aerial photograph showing the South Harbor, also showing a ship with plumes of smoke from an aerial attack.
7th November 1944. Map displaying soils of lower slopes and terraces; rolling foothills. Soils of river valleys and coastal lowlands. Distances in statute miles.
(Ref sec V-VI para 1) this note relates to section V-VI, paragraph 1 of the handbook. Soundings in fathoms. From USC and GS chart 4218.
7th November 1944. (Ref sec XIV) this note relates to section XIV of the handbook.
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