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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "South West Pacific"
22nd October 1944. Numbered sections correspond with para in section VI. Letters identify the coastal strip map included with text in section VI.
From USC & GS chart 4209. Sounding in fathoms at mean lower low water.
Contains the individual map Duke of York Island ; Small map of New Britain : Rugen Harbour (Put Put) ; Small map of New Britain : Jammer Bay ; Small map of Mioko Harbour.
Inset map 10A, showing a close up of the coastal strip
(Page 2) contains Map 9A, showing a close up of the coastal strip
Contains the individual photographs numbered 27-31 Berhala Island; Sandakan Harbour, panorama; Sandakan golf course; Sandakan, lunatic asylum at Tg Papat; Sandakan, part of town behind Government Wharf
Contains the individual photographs Miri, Sarawak, panorama of east bank of Miri River showing wharves, stores and offices, looking from north to east from opposite bank, pre-war (previous to 1936); Brunei, Brunei, government wharf reinforced…
Contains the individual photographs Rajang River, Sarawak. Pasir Naik immediately below the Pelagus Rapids, showing banks and vegetation, clearing was done by a timber company; Rajang River, Sarawak between Kapit and Belaga. A rapid with typical…
Contains the individual photographs Brunei. Panoramic view of the south shore and river village from the wharf at Brunei, pre-war; Limbang River, Sarawak. Looking upstream from the residency at Limbang, pre-war; Limbang River, Sarawak. Looking…
Contains the individual photographs Miri, Sarawak. Panoramic view. Looking roughly north. Pre-war; Lutong, Sarawak. Looking west, showing the refinery and storage tanks, 30 Jan 41; Lutong, Sarawak. Looking east, 26 Jan 41; Lutong, Sarawak. Looking SE…
26th November 1943. From German government charts to 1912. New edition 24th December 1914, 2nd July 1923.. Reproduced by the Hydrographic Branch, Sydney.
24th August 1944. Map showing quaternary, pre-tertiary intrusive, tertiary undifferentiated, tuff, and pliocene.
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