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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Salamaua, Papua New Guinea"
25th August 1932. Traced 10th November 1942
6th November 1942. Compiled from aerial photos 22nd October 1942
23rd October 1942. Information: riflemen J.E. Mayos
From plan by harbour master Rabaul 1934 with soundings in inner harbour from H.M.A.S. "Swan" 1937
Compiled from German Government charts and other authorities to 1933. Reproduced by Hydrographic Branch, Sydney by permission of the hydrographer
7th November 1942. Photo 8th June 1942, annotations 8th August 1942
Drawn 12th August 1942, amended 5th November 1942. Incorporating data supplied by E. Taylor
9th November 1942. Terrain study, copy no. 261
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