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17th October 1943. Photos by F/L Leahy 1932
From German chart no. 482
11th may 1943. Based on compilation by 648 Engr. Topo. BN. From air photos. Additional Infromation from informants
Contains inset maps Shingu; Population
30th August 1944. Based on AMS S401 First edition NC51-3. Additional information by Allied Geographical Section; Ref. Section XVIII
29th December 1942. From Admiralty charts, government maps & local informants
12th May 1944. C.I.U mosaic with additional annotations by Allied Geographical Section.
20 April 1943. Possible airfields shown. Towns and plantations marked on the photograph.
Contains the individual maps Main tribal areas; Tracks; Distribution of population and native food supplies; Distribution of vegetation
20th August 1945
From USC & GS chart 4209. Sounding in fathoms at mean lower low water.
10th November 1942. Directorate of Intelligence Central Interpretation Unit H.Q.A.A.F., S.W.P.A.. Compiled from aerial photos
19th November 1942 and 24th August 1942. Directorate of Intelligence Central Interpretation Unit H.Q.A.A.F., S.W.P.A.
24th August 1944. Map showing Airfields (operational, pre-war and possible sites); Seaplane bases (operational, possible).
1st June 1944. Reproduced by OCE - GHO
12th November 1944. From Philippine Is AMS S401
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