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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "New Britain, Papua New Guinea"
From the chart published by the German Admiralty. Reproduce by Hydrographic Branch, Dept. of the Navy, Sydney
From German government charts to 1912; These Sailing Directions have been compiled from information obtained from Local Authorities and Master Mariners, who have navigated these waters. Where possible the information has been checked. The tracks…
Includes inset maps New Britatin: Rugen Harbour (Put Put); New Britain: Jammer Bay; Mioko Harbour
Published at the Admiralty, 25th Jan, 1909 under the Superintendence of Rear Admiral A. Mostyn Field F.R.S. Hydrographer. Reproduced by Hydrographic Branch, Sydney by permission of the Hydrographer.
Contains the individual maps Linden Hafen; Thilenius Hafen; Ablingi Hafen
8th September 1943. From aerial photos
Eastern half reduced from German chart no. D660, western half largely conjecture.
17th January 1944. Based on 1 inch to 1 mile maps by Base Map Plant USAFFE
Contains the individual photographs Photograph 15 Panoramam of Palmalmal Plantation; Photograph 16 Young coconut palms: Palmalmal Plantation; Photograph 17 Young coconut palms: Palmalmal Plantation
Traced from German chart
3rd January 1944. Vegetation width as shown is not necessarily as it is on the ground.
23rd September 1943. Reproduced by 1st Aust. Mob. Litho. Sec. (AIF) Aust. Svy. Corps
23rd August 1943. Information from air photos and local informants
Also includes the maps Blanch Bay: Greet Harbour; New Britain: Kokopo; New Britain: Massava Bay; New Britain: Ataliklikun Bay Unter Kambeira
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