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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "New Britain, Papua New Guinea"
Compiled by Allied Geographical Section, from all available information
Contains the individual maps Linden Hafen; Thilenius Hafen; Ablingi Hafen
Eastern half reduced from German chart no. D660, western half largely conjecture.
Reproduced from German chart no. 660
Compiled from German Government charts and other authorities to 1933. Published at the Admiralty 11th June 1934, under the Superintendence of Captain J.A. Edgell, O.B.E., R.N. Hydrographer. Reproduced by Hydrographic Branch, Sydney by permission of…
Also includes the maps Blanch Bay: Greet Harbour; New Britain: Kokopo; New Britain: Massava Bay; New Britain: Ataliklikun Bay Unter Kambeira
Includes inset maps New Britatin: Rugen Harbour (Put Put); New Britain: Jammer Bay; Mioko Harbour
Contains the individual maps New Britain: Henry Reid Bay; New Britain: Tavanatangir Harbour (Powell Haven); New Britain: Adler Bay; New Britain: Eber Bay; New Britain: Pondo Harbour; New Britain: Watassellibuka Bay to Wunatalisse Bay; New Britain:…
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