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Mrs. Boyd (president), Mrs. Hopkins (Secretary), A. Fletcher (Master of Ceremonies)
G. Winduss (Secretary), F. Young (Treasurer)
Madame L. Yarnold, Madame S. Harrison, Madame A Mott, Madame W.J. Bone, Madame I. Opie. Madame R. Taylor, Miss M. Stone, Miss M. Taylor, Miss M. Morgan, Miss L. Underwood (Committee), Miss Nell Campi (Ticket Secretary)
Mrs. R. Taylor (Honorary Secretary)
Eleanor Andrews, Margaret Douthwaite, Patricia Evans, Joan Liney, Leslie Perrott, Peter Appleton, Frank Donovan, Geoff Francis, Ian Holdsworth, Phil Lynch, Bob Lyon, Bruce Margetts, Ian Martin, Brain Mooney, Rod Permezel, Bill Rowe, Geoff Thompson,…
Mrs. Boyd (President), Mrs. Hopkins (Secretary), A. Fletcher (Master of Ceremonies)
Original date has been crossed out, 6th September 1924
Mrs. Boyd (President), Mrs. Hopkins (Secretary), A. Fletcher (Master of Ceremonies)
E.S. Knight (Secretary), S.W. Phillips (Social Secretary)
Original date was 19th May and has been changed by the owner
Brother C. Pescia (Chairman), Brother Watson (Master of Ceremony), Brother Sheppard (Master of Ceremony), Brother J. Ross (Honorary Treasurer), Brother T. Stanborough (Honorary Secretary)
T.H. Whiter (Worshipful Master), J.W. Main (Master of Ceremonies), W. Howe (Secretary)
Perfumed by L.T. Piver parfumerie, Paris
Keith C. Davey, Kathleen Hughes (Honorary Secretaries)
List of trysting places on back of card
Mrs. Montague Moore, Miss Pearce
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