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Huot Sambath was a senior Cambodian public official. He served as Minister for Foreign Affairs, Permament Representative to the United Nations and after the 18 March 1980 coup, he rallied to King Sihanouk and was appointed successively Minister of…
Interview by Dr Ben Kiernan, Serge Thion and one other of former Thai Ambassador to Cambodia Maj-General Chana Samudavanija concerning his activities as an intelligence officer dealing with Cambodian affairs, prior to his appointment as Ambassador. …
Essay by the former Member of Parliament and Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Douc Rasy
This Memorandum introduces the holdings of DCCAM (Documentation Center of Cambodia) to the United Nations experts, explaining how documents are organized and providing a quick starting point to the experts' work. It is intended to show what type of…
Interview conducted by Christophe Peschoux of Kaing Guek Eav, former Chairman of the Khmer Rouge prison and torture center known as S-21. Dated 28-29 April and 4-6 May 1999.
Detailed history of modern Cambodia drawn from interviews and published sources. Contains information about Khmer Issarak, Battambang. Includes a detailed chronology of Khmer history from 1904 to 1986
Toch Kham Doeun was a left-leaning Cambodian intellectual living in Paris at the time of the 18 March 1970 coup. He rallied to King Sihanouk and after the formation of the GRUNC in May 1970 he was appointed Ambassador to Cuba but was also responsible…
Memoir of a former Khmer Serei (Free Khmer) activists now living in Seattle. Includes information on Sngoc Thanh and Khmer Serei activities in the 1960s. Page 90 is missing, document is incomplete.
Phouk Chhay a left-leaning Cambodian intellectual served as a public servant and was also one of the leaders of the Gnereal Association of Khmer Students (AGEK) established in December 1964 and of the Cambodia-China Friendship Association established…
Vorn Vet a senior official in the Cambodian Communist party, was one of the leaders of the Cambodian "revolution" led by Pol Pot and served as Deputy Prime Minister of Democratic Kampuchea. He was arrested and executed in 1978. Includes a summary…
Noel Deschamps sitting with Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore
Noel Deschamps greeting Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew of Singapore
The Royal Elephant and the King's "Kop Howdah"
Prime Minister's car leading the Funeral Procession
Funeral Pavilion (Preah Men) before the emplacement of the late King's remains
A traditional Cambodian orchestra preceeds the procession of the members of the National Assembly
Placement of the Royal Funeral Urn on the dragon carriage
Placement of the Royal Funeral Urn on the dragon carriage
Procession of the Bakus (Brahmin priests of the Royal Palace)
Ministers and senior officials of the Royal Government join the procession
Preparation of the Funeral Pavilion (Preah Men) for the cremation of the remains of the late King Norodom Suramarit
Queen Sisowath Kossamak prepares to light the fire for the cremation of the remains of her late husband King Norodom Suramarit
Prince Norodom Sihanouk carrying the ashes of his late father King Norodom Suramarit
Supreme Patriarch of the Mohanikay Buddhist order joining the procession
The Royal Elephants, including the King's favourite, join the funeral procession in front of the Chhanchaya Hall of the Royal palace. The 4th Elephant from left has king's weapons
Royal remains on their way to Funeral Pavilion from Royal palace
Royal Guards pulling the Funeral car through the Victory Gate of the Royal palace
The King's personal horse joins the Funeral procession
Traditonal drums joining the Funeral procession
Traditional drums in the Funeral procession
Women mourners join the Funeral procession
Royal Court mandarins and officials
Royal palace mandarins in the Funeral procession
A Royal Funeral car known as "Neak" (Naga)
Royal remains now placed on the Royal Funeral car "Neak" about to leave the gardens of the Royal palace
Ceremony at the Royal palace before the departure of the Royal remains of the late His Majesty King Norodom Suramarit for the Funeral Pavilion
Court officials pause during the Funeral procession
Her Majesty the Queen Sisowath Kossamak leads members of the Royal Family as they join the Funeral procession
The Queen, Prince Norodom Sihanouk and other members of the Royal Family join the Funeral procession
The Royal Urn leaves the Royal palace through the Victory Gate
Members of the Royal Family pause during the Funeral procession
Members of members of the Royal Family during the Funeral procession
Cover of vinyl disc of music composed by Norodom Sihanouk about the friendship and fraternity between Cambodia and North Korea
Escalade de la "Grande Chaine" et puis descente vers le Cambodge

A view of the Grand Cardamon Mountain Chain
In this statement Sihanouk rejects his deposition by the Cambodian Parliament. The statement was made in Peking two days after his arrival in the Chinese capital. Signature at top of page is that of Dr. Ngo Hou, one of Samdech Sihanouk's advisors in…
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