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The Ada Booth Slavic Collection was established in 2011 as a result of the Library receiving a large benefaction from the will of the late Ada Phyllis Booth (1921-2008), physicist and lecturer at the University of Melbourne.

Reflecting research which has been undertaken at Monash University, the main subject areas covered by the collection are Russian, Ukrainian and other literatures, Slavic linguistics as well as Translation Studies topics in Slavic languages. Other strengths of the collection include histories of Russia and Eastern Europe, politics and art. There are also many reference texts such as dictionaries and encyclopedias. Monash University Library has the best collection of materials in Australia pertaining to Ukrainian Studies.

Monash University Library is progressively digitising selected items from this collection.

Please see here for further information about this collection.

Collection Items

Для подвигів у тeбе, комсомол, -- і чисте небо, і широке поле!
English title from vendor's catalogue: 'Po 1571 All-Union Leninist Young Communist League'
"1954-1956 Lenin."

Украинская советская социалистическая республика
English title from vendor's catalogue: 'Po 1396 Ukrainian Socialist Soviet Republic'

... свергли могучей рукою ...
English title from vendor's catalogue: 'We dethroned them with a mighty hand! / V.B. Korestsky'

Слава ВЛКСМ! : плакат
English title from vendor's catalogue: 'Po 1572 Komsomol Glory!'
"N 708."

На польский фронт : РКП.
English title from vendor's catalogue: 'To the Polish front! / V.V. Mayakovsky, Malyutin Ivan Andreevich'

Illustration of five men reading Pravda, showing the rates of subscription for the newspaper.
English title from vendor's catalogue: '"Pravda" Term's of subscription ?

Салют хлеборобам!<br /><br />
English title from vendor's catalogue: 'Po 1549 Salute Grain Growers!'

Пролетари всех стран, соединятесь!<br /><br />
"Rossiĭskai︠a︡ Sot︠s︡ialisticheskai︠a︡ Federativnai︠a︡ Respublika."
Includes nine panels of cartoons depicting the worker overcoming capitalist exploitation.
English title from vendor's catalogue : 'The worker has kicked out the…

Diary of Claude James Booth
Diary of Sergeant. C. J. Fowler, who at a later date changed his name to Claude James Booth. The diary begins when Fowler was part of the 58th Battalion in the Australian Imperial Force (A.I.F.) in 1918 when he has just returned to London on active…
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