Monash University Library Rare Books: Monographs Collection


Monash University Library Rare Books: Monographs Collection



Founded in 1961 - the year Monash University opened - Monash University Library's Rare Books collection comprises materials considered rare because of age, uniqueness or physical beauty.
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This online collection contains a growing selection of monographs from Monash University Library's Rare Books collection.

Items in the Monash University Library Rare Books: Monographs Collection

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Votes for Catharine Susan and Me
A scarce and highly unusual children's book in that it treats of a topical political issue, in this case 'Votes for Women'. Kathleen Ainslie took her inspiration from Florence Upton and her The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls (origin of Golliwogg). She…

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Handbook for military artificers
"Before proceeding to describe the construction of any particular article, it may be useful to describe some of the most common methods in use for jointing timbers under various circumstances..."

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Neuroomia : a new continent : a manuscript delivered by the deep
George McIver's Neuroomia: A New Continent was first published by George Robertson & Co. in London, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane in 1894. Neuroomia tells the imaginary voyage of Captain Montague Periwinkle from Australia to…

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Common objects of the microscope
This is a yellow-back issue of the third edition of J. G. Wood'sCommon Objects of the Microscope, which was first published in 1861.The third edition ofCommon Objects of the Microscopeincluded significant revisions, and additional illustrations, by…

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Northanger Abbey. Persuasion.
This issue of Jane Austen's posthumously published novelsNorthanger AbbeyandPersuasionis one of few surviving copies of theChapman and Hallyellow-back. Yellow-backs were published in Britain in the late-nineteenth century and were cheap volumes…

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Pictures of society and people of mark : drawn under a thin veil of fiction
This is a yellow-back issue of Nathaniel Parker Willis's People I Have Met; or, Pictures of Society and People of Mark, Drawn Under a Thin Veil of Fiction, which was first published in New York by Baker and Scribner in 1850. Willis was an American…

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Sur une substance nouvelle radio-active, contenue dans la pechblende
Series: Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des séances de l'Académie des sciences ; t. 127.

Comptes rendus t. 127 also contains further work by the Curies, G. Bemont and E. Demarcay on radium (Cf. t.127, p.1215-18).

Bound in volume with "Sur une…

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Getting about in New Guinea
Published by command of General MacArthur.