Bischoff Manuscripts Collection


Bischoff Manuscripts Collection



Bischoff Manuscripts Collection Monash Rare Books have acquired a collection of over one hundred fragments of medieval manuscripts and early printed books from the twelfth to sixteenth centuries that had belonged to the world-renowned authority on medieval palaeography (the study of handwriting), Professor Bernhard Bischoff (1906-1991). Bischoff had himself inherited this collection from Stephan Beissel (1841-1915), a German Jesuit and art historian, with a great interest in relics.

Monash University Library is working to digitise this valuable and unique collection of manuscript fragments. Click the link below to view the current collection.

Our thanks to Kyly Walker, the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies paleography group, and the School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies for their assistance in describing and documenting this online collection.

Items in the Bischoff Manuscripts Collection

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meo per iesum christum / bona a deo data esse et
2 columns, each split in two at various points to include the letter text and commentary side by side, plus space for commentary (at the right on the recto and the left on the verso). Rubricated. Text area (recto): 225mm x 210mm (verso): 235mm x…

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-cm Capricornia in abruptionis mo
2 columns. Number of Lines: 37. Written Area: 205 x 152mm. Width of Columns: 75mm. Line Height: 5mm. Ruled Column Lines. Pages numbered in Arabic numerals, in pencil, on every verso at bottom right. Rubricated initials, chapter titles and paragraph…

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Fragment no. 5 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
Originally 2 columns, fragment contains 1 full column on each side plus approx 1/3 of another column. Written Area: 28 x 127mm. Column Width: 76mm. Number of Lines: 6. Line Height: 4mm. Column and line ruling in lead (?) Rubrication. Small Cursive.…

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reverendo in christo patri et domino domino dei et apostolice sedis gratia Archiepiscopo
Written Area: 65 x 131mm. Number of Lines: 5. Line Height: approx 4mm. First line is ruled.

First Line: [reve]rendo in [christ]o p[at]ri et d[omi]no d[omi]no dei et ap[osto]lice sedis gr[ati]a Archiep[isco]po. Last Line: v[est]r[u]m per vos vel…

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per illud tutatonem ti gratiatur visitato praesent programma
2 columns plus marginal notes. Rubricated. Text area is 215 x 145 mm. No. of lines: 55. Col width: 68mm. Line height: 4mm. Ruling: none. Page numbering: none.

First line recto: per illud tutatonem ti gratiatur visitato praesent programma. Last…

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Zornale che principia in Maggio 1582, e termina li 8 Genaro 1612 "N"
1 column plus margin for printed comments. Written Area: 221 x 162mm. Number of Lines: 42. Width of Columns: main text 80mm, margin 13mm. Line Height: 4mm for headings, 3mm for main text. No ruling, page numbering or decoration. Content: Heading on…

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coram ecclesie senioribus ueritatem
2 columns surrounded by commentaries. Littera Bononiensis. Written Area: recto 181 x 280mm, verso 167 x 280mm. Damaged by bookworms. Content: Corpus Juris Canonici cum glossa ordinaria (recto 1959 Freidburg edition, vol. 2, col. 746, ll.17-22, 41-47;…

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alloquutus. Logitas augustine / bis uideatur mirabile, si talia uidetis
Written Area: 240mm x 140mm. Ink nearly completely faded. Bookworm damage. Rubrication. First Lines of each side: alloquutus. Logitas augustine / ...bis uideatur mirabile, si talia uidetis.

Content: Pseudo Augustine, Epistola de Magnificencia B.…

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Fragment no. 11 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
Written Area: a) 151 x 51mm; b) 155 x 41mm; c) 58 x 43mm; d) 65 x 40mm. Number of Lines: a) 34; b) 33; c) 13; d) 14. Line Height: c.4.5mm for all fragments. Ruling: b) has a lead column ruling. Secretary script with some use of anglicana. Rubricated.…

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explicare impossibile est. Si ergo
2 columns. Written Area: 240 x 152 mm (2 cols + gutter). Number of Lines: 46 recto 49 verso. Width of Columns: 67mm. Line Height: 5-6mm. Columns Ruled. No numbering but recto marked by an 'R' in the bottom right hand corner and the verso marked by a…

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scriptura dicit sicio
2 columns. Written Area: 90 x 161mm. Number of Lines: 10. Column Width: 70mm, column 2 of damaged side is 74mm. Column & line rulings in lead (?) Rubrication.

First Lines: (recto) scriptura dicit sicio, (verso) iudeis sepilire erat autem.…

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Fragment no. 14 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
Written Area: 215 x 50mm. Number of Lines: 23. Line Height: 9.35mm. One rubricated initial on recto. Lead? line ruling. Littera Gothica Textualis Formata.

Content: Liturgical text? Does include Biblical texts (recto Matthew 18:24-25; verso Daniel…

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Fragment no. 15 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
Written Area: b) 95 x 26mm, 93 x 33mm, 100 x 45mm, 94 x 31mm; c) 285 x 94mm. Number of Lines: b) 31, 30, 13+13, 31; c) 73. Line Height: b) 3mm; c) c. 4mm. Rubrication, come bookworm damage, and lead line rulings on b). Littera Gothica Humanistica for…

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Fragment no. 16 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
2 columns. Written Area: 42 x 180mm including gutter. Column Width: left 74mm, right 77mm. Number of Lines: 10. Line Height: 4.2mm. Rubrication. Some bookworm damage. Gothica Textualis.

Content: Breviary. The recto (column 2) has the heading for…

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Fragment no. 19 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
Written Area: a) 41 x 45mm, b) 47 x 75mm. Number of Lines: 11 (both fragments). Line Height: about 5mm. Rubrication. Some bookworm damage. No line/column rulings. Littera Gothica Textulais Rotunda.

Content: A Canon Law Notice. beatissimo…

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Fragment no. 17 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
2 columns. Written Area: 39 x 78mm, 36 x 78mm, 13 x 75mm, 21 x 76mm. Column Width: 38mm. Number of Lines: 9, 9, 3, 6. Line Height: 4mm. Rubrication. Some bookworm damage. Column and line rulings. Gothica Textualis.

Content: Chiefly Lessons from…

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...bit nos vias suas et ambula...
1 column. Written Area: 107 x 76mm. Number of Lines: recto 19, verso 21. Line Height: about 5mm. Rubrication. Small amount of bookworm damage. No line/column rulings. Littera Gothica Hybrida.

Content: Prayers and Little Chapters (Capitula) for…

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Fragment no. 20 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
Written Area: 65 x 27mm, 64 x 53mm, 65 x 26mm, 65 x 26mm, 70 x 132mm, 67 x 54mm. Number of Lines: 13, 15, 12, 7+5, 13. Line Height: 5mm. Rubrication. Some bookworm damage. Line and column rulings. Littera Gothica Textulis Rotunda.


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Fragment no. 21 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
Written Area: 201 x 227mm. Number of Lines: 21, 22, 22, 24. Line Height: approx 8mm. No rulings. Highly abbreviated, Hasty German Cursiva.

Content: Unidentified text. A reference to Galatians and frequent references to Corinthians, also mentions…

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Fragment no. 22 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
Written Area: larger fragment 173 x 70mm, smaller fragment 120 x 73mm. Number of Lines: 24, 18. Line Height: approx 6.25mm Large flourished letter to start the larger fragment.

Language: German?

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Fragment no. 23 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
Fragment c) 2 columns. Written Area: recto 42mm x 117mm, verso 42mm x 118mm. Column Width: 53mm, except col. 2 of verso 55mm. Number of Lines: 11. Line Height: 4mm. Pencil mark "c)" on Fragment c). Rubrication. Littera Gothica Textualis. Content:…

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Written Area: 78 x 62mm. Number of Lines: 17. Line Height: approx 2.18mm. No rulings. Very faint writing at the top - perhaps indicates something has been erased? Some bookworm damage. Uses both Arabic and Roman numerals.

First Line:…

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Fragment no. 25 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
Written Area: 64 x 245mm. Number of Lines: 9. Line Height: approx 5.67mm. No rulings. Cursive hand.

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Fragment no. 26 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
1st Fragment: Written Area: entire fragment, both sides. Highly abbreviated cursive hand. Content: Highly likely that it is a marginal gloss and notes on Aristotle's Metaphysica. Notes and gloss are in different hands, but both are concerned with…

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...bat precipue tamen ob
2 columns. Written Area: recto 102 x 111mm, verso 89 x 114mm. Column Width: recto 45mm, verso 47mm + 45mm. Number of Lines: 15. Gothic Minuscule (main text), 4? other hands for annotations. Rubricated.

First Lines: (recto) ...bat precipue tamen…

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...derunt ihesum qui co....en...
2 columns. Written Area: recto 170 x 123mm, verso 152 x 150mm. Column Width: recto 53mm + 57mm, verso 54mm + 56mm. Column Height: recto 158mm, verso 152mm. Number of Lines: recto 34, verso 33. Line Height: 5mm. Column rulings in lead (rubbed out from…

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Fragment no. 29 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
Written Area: 195 x 145mm, 195 x 145mm, 195 x 142mm, 190 x 145mm. Number of Lines: 23. Line Height: 9mm. Line and column rulings. in lead (?)

First Lines: 1r est in christo fidei uestre. Sicut ergo accepistis christum ih[esum], 1v ...tatis…

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Fragment no. 30 - Bischoff Manuscript Collection
Written Area: 4 pieces on same piece of brown paper (t-b, l-r): 191 x 31mm, 166 x 50mm, 98 x 170mm, 261 x 70mm; 1 separate fragment: 95 x 74mm. Number of Lines: 5, 28, 15, 43, 10. Line Height: approx 5mm. Line Rulings. Separate fragment appears to…